Hello Everyone!

I’m Anip Shah

A Biomedical Engineer who loves tinkering with technology and coding. This website showcases my various projects involving devices like Arduino, ESP-32, NodeMCU, Raspberry Pi, and sensors. Feel free to explore and check them out!

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Getting Started.

Get your devices ready for your project by following these simple tutorials, which will help you set them up and configure them for smooth operation. Success awaits!

Courses & e-Learning

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Electronics Fundamentals

Introducing Essential Electronic Components.

Project Simulations

Top Electric Phenomena

  • The Hall effect : If the current of electricity in a fixed conductor is itself attracted by a magnet, the current should be drawn to one side of the wire, and therefore the resistance experienced should be increased.
    Jane Cooper

    Edwin Hall

  • Piezoelectric Effect : The ability of certain materials to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress.
    Katen Doe

    Jacques & Pierre Curie

  • Superconductivity : A phenomenon where certain materials exhibit zero electrical resistance and the expulsion of magnetic fields at temperatures below a critical point, allowing for lossless electrical transmission and highly efficient electromagnets.
    Barbara Cartland

    Heike Kamerlingh Onnes

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